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Masters Fixtures in the North

Saturday 11th May to Sunday 12th May 2019
Women - Outdoor - EH Masters - Women's O 60's Regional Tournament
(Organised by Yorkshire HA) @ Wakefield SCNatasha Barker, Nicola Connell, Lee Cooper, Dominic Dunn,
Sue Gibson, Gypsy Goldthorpe, Barrie Pollard (umpires)
Saturday 18th May to Sunday 19th May 2019
Men - Outdoor - EH Masters - O 70's Masters Regional Tournament
(Organised by Yorkshire HA) @ Sheffield HC, AbbeydaleLee Cooper, Dominic Dunn, Noah Eicke, Yvonne McCartney,
Barrie Pollard, Scott Riley, Richard Sykes (umpires) Owen Carr (technical officials)

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